Saturday, December 24, 2016

Fifty Shades of Grey Hair: Merry Christmas!

Well, how rude!
     I was in the mood to cook my dear husband an authentic Christmas dinner from scratch, just like in the early days of our marriage, so I went to the butcher shop to pick a fresh Christmas goose.
     "Howdy, ma'am," the butcher greeted me. "Happy holidays."
     "And a happy holiday to you, too," I answered holidayedly. "Are your geese fresh?"
     "You bet they are," the butcher assured me, and pointed me in their direction.
     I made my way over to them, but, wanting to make sure I got the freshest one, I lifted the drumstick of the first bird I came to and took a good sniff.
     "Pee-yew!" I said, holding my nose. No wonder they're called "fowl."
     Well, that might have just been a bad first choice, so I lifted the drumstick of the second goose in line and once again took a good sniff.
     "Pee-yew!" I said.
     "Hey, lady!" the butcher interrupted. "Do you think you could pass that test?"
American Chimpanzee

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