Monday, January 15, 2018

Guess The Loser

Didn't care for Whose Dick Is It?
     Well, you're right. That game show was crap. That's why I came up with this new one that will take America by storm.
     Television networks can line up to the left with their bags of cash.
     Heck, I've even supplied the theme song at no extra cost.
(theme song sung to Beck's Loser)
Somos generosos.
Guess the loser, baby,
And you'll be a winner.
This member of the 43rd president's administration shot his friend in the face while hunting.
"Dick Cheney?"
That is correct. Vice-President Dick Cheney.
One of this Hollywood predator's sexually abused victims was a poor potted plant.
"Harvey Weinstein?"
That is correct. Former Miramax and Weinstein Company executive Harvey Weinstein.
This drummer was kicked out of the most famous band in the world just before they hit it big.
"Pete Best?"
That is correct. Pete Best was the Beatles' first drummer. I guess you could say Pete came in second best to Ringo Starr.
Don't accept a drink from this famous sitcom and comedy star... if you're female, that is.
"Bill Cosby."
That is correct. The man with the colorful sweaters and endless supply of Quaaludes, Bill Cosby.
When they asked the actors who've play the role of James Bond to take a step forward if they wanted to play the part for a second time, they told this actor, "Not so fast, you!"
"George Lazenby?"
That is correct. The one and done George Lazenby.
This comedian lost his entire career when Kennedy was assassinated.
"Vaughn Meader?"
That is correct. Vaughn Meader. His career went so deep into the toilet that even I've never heard of him.
This political loser flies all around the world in his private jet complaining about people who abuse the earth with their carbon footprint and also likes "happy endings" when he gets a massage.
"Al Gore?"
That is correct. Al "I Was Really The One Who Was Elected President" Gore.
This former Secretary of State keeps trying to explain why she's not president.
"What difference does it make?"
American Chimpanzee

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