Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Racist Feminist

With all due respect, no one ever says "with all due respect" unless they're about to say something without any due respect, so...
     With all due respect, whatever happened to the woman's movement?  There was a time when women were tough.  They had to be.  They had to fight for family, for equality, and for fabulous hair products.  Now they seem to be back to square one, where the only movement they seem to be interested in making is in a pair of tight jeans as they're walking in front of anyone with some angle to their dangle. 
     That, and abortions.
     The gay lobby, on the other hand, is tough.  They're so tough they even made Tracy Morgan cry.  The black lobby is tough, too.  You can lose your job, your life, and even have your credit rating ruined, just by saying something African-Americans might misconstrue as being racist, such as using the word "misconstrue."  I wanted to ask Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton about this, but they were too busy getting people fired for making jokes.
     Feminists, on the other hand, have seen their power, much like their youth, squandered with each passing year.  But what do you expect...
     They're women.*
     I blame hip-hop.  Rappers say the most vile, sexist things to and about women without the fine ladies of NOW even raising an eyebrow, much less their voices.
     Chris Brown can beat Rihanna like she's Michael Vick's least-favorite dog, and--no matter how much she deserved it**--the feminists stay silent.  And then, a relatively short time later, Chris Brown performs on the Grammys, and the entertainment industry cheers him back like a conquering hero.  The women artists who also performed on the show (I'd name a few, if I could, but they were all pretty interchangeable.) slobbered all over him, when, really, shouldn't they have collectively taken a stand and refused to share the same stage with him?  It reminded me of Ike Turner, the great rock & roll/soul legend who used to beat his wife, the great rock & roll/soul singer Tina Turner, like she was a dusty blanket on a clothesline.  They made an entire movie about how he used to abuse Tina Turner, and, he still had no problem finding a girlfriend.  He later went to prison on, I believe, drug charges, and, when he got out, you could find him with a pretty blonde hanging on his arm and pretending she never saw What's Love Got To Do With It.  When I hear guys complain that they can't find a girlfriend, I just have to laugh. 
     But I digress...
     Country singer Miranda Lambert may have complained later on Twitter about performing on the same show with Chris Brown, but that didn't keep her from performing.  Other female artists, like Bruno Mars, complained as well, but what did they do besides smile, sing, and shut their yaps?  When it came down to it, no one took a stand.
     Why have feminists so effectively been nuetered?  In my opinion, it's because they're afraid of being called racists.  That's essentially what the feminist movement has become.  A force concerned with how they're perceived, rather than with doing what is right.  And if they're overly concerned with being perceived a certain way...  well, what does that say about them?  Me?  I don't have a racist bone in my body--in fact, some of my best friends are white--so I don't waste my time worrying if anybody perceives me in a way that's not true.
     Maybe it began back in the Clinton administration, when they decided to stay silent as President Clinton got friendly with chubby interns and government employees, and ruined their lives if they didn't get friendly back.  It was more important to the feminists and the fine ladies of NOW that Clinton be pro-choice.  That made it easier for them to turn the other cheek.  And not the fun one.  Unless it was for Slick Willie's slick willie. Then again, maybe not. 
     But, again, I digress...
     You see, if the fine ladies of NOW were to go after sexists, they'd have to start with the black community.  They'd have to go after the African-American men who disrespect women, as well as the African-American women who tolerate it.  And if the fine ladies of NOW were to go after the men of color who abuse women, they'd first have to start with Chris Brown, and they couldn't do that, because then he wouldn't have been able to perform on the Grammys. 
     But that's not the only reason the woman's lobby has become weak.  It's also become weak, because women have taken their eye off the ball.  They've stopped seeing the forest, because they're obsessing on one tree.  They've stopped caring about women's rights, and started obsessing over a woman's right to murder her unborn baby.  That, and free birth control.  I guess that's two trees.  When they ask me if I'm pro-choice, I always tell them "Yes, I choose life." 
     That drives them nuts.
     Now, if Chris Brown had kept Rihanna from excercising her man-given right to have an abortion, then and only then might we have seen some enraged feminists.  It's hard to be angry and apologetic at the same time, but I'm sure somehow they would have managed it.  And if they're overly apologetic about calling a spade a spade...  well, what does that say about them?
     Women are more than half the population in the U.S. and the world, and they still complain about being treated like 2nd class citizens.  Tell me, who's holding them back?  The men who can be lead around like a dog with a Scooby snack, or their fellow females who can't seem to get along with one another?  Especially when there's men involved.  And speaking of men...
     When it comes down to it, men would just like to be able to stare at, comment on, or take up residence in any part of a woman's body that she chooses to flaunt as an accessory.***
     Not me, of course.
     I'm happily married.

*See?  I was able to say that without any repercusions whatsoever.
**See?  I was able to say that without any repercusions whatsoever.
***My wife is reading over my shoulder as I write this.  Here come the repercusions.

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