Saturday, March 2, 2013

My El Paso (Part One)

My El Paso.

     Those three words are powerful and personal... and sure are similar to my two-word suggestion of over four years ago.

El Paso! (insert main selling point here)

     Oh, sure, I understand that no one has a copyright on the name "El Paso," except for maybe Marty Robbins, but the concept is similar.  Begin with the name of our city, add the word "my" to the beginning of it or an exclamation point to the end, stir in something positive, and--bam!--instant advertising slogan.

My El Paso... is the safest city in America.
El Paso! The Safest City In America!
My El Paso... is known for how friendly its people are.
El Paso! The Friendliest City In The World!
My El Paso... has the best Mexican food.
El Paso! The Best Mexican Food In The Universe!
My El Paso... was once visited by Barack Obama.
El Paso! The Barack Obama Of Cities!

     You get the idea.

American Chimpanzee

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