Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stephen King's "IT" Song Parody

sing to the tune of
"Ruby (Don't Take Your Love To Town)"
by Mel Tillis
Beverly (Watch Out for Pennywise)
You've laced up both your sneakers and you've ponytailed your hair.
Bev, are you contemplating going out somewhere?
The shadows on the wall grow long as daylight slowly dies.
Oh, Beverly... watch out for Pennywise.
  Why are the children dying in this scary Derry town?
And have you seen that creepy thing that's living underground?
It's been said it comes to feed each 27th year,
Oh, Beverly... everybody floats down here.
  It's hard to be suspicious of a funny painted face,
And the trust of a boy reaching for his lost toy led to a cold, wet place.
Some have whispered when he screamed for help, the town ignored his cries.
Oh, Beverly... watch out for Pennywise.
  You're leaving now 'cause I can hear you sneaking out the door.
Heading toward the sewers where you will meet with six kids more.
And if there's one thing I hope you'll do it's that you'll realize,
Oh, Beverly... watch out for Pennywise.
  Oh, Beverly...
...dear God, it's Pennywise!   
American Chimpanzee

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