Friday, November 15, 2013

The Week In Tweets: Special Justin Bieber In A Whore House Edition

ON THIS DATE in l969: protesters staged a peaceful demonstration in Washington DC against the Viet Nam war. Nixon immediately had them shot.

Justin Bieber! Busted! Leaving a brothel in Rio de Janeiro! So... the Beiber has to PAY for it? I can believe that.

Justin Bieber! Caught spending 3 hours in a Rio de Janeiro whore house! He spent the first 2 hours and 58 minutes trying to get an erection. 

Justin Bieber! In a Rio de Janeiro whore house! ''Why do they all have Adam's Apples?'' he asked, and then spent the next 3 hours finding out.
Justin Bieber! Busted! Trying to sneak out of a Rio de Janeiro brothel! The name of his prostitute? Bob.
Justin Bieber! Busted coming out of a Rio de Janeiro whore house! ''I have nothing to say,'' said Bieber's prostitute, holding up his pinky.
Justin Bieber! Busted! Caught leaving a Rio de Janeiro whore house! But he won't be prosecuted! ''Lack of evidence,'' declares the judge.
Justin Bieber! Busted! Caught in a Rio de Janeiro brothel! I bet that's not the only thing you caught. Eh, Justin?
Justin Bieber! Couldn't get his wet noodle to dance in a Rio whore house! "No problemo, mija,'' the whores comforted, ''no hard feelings.''

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