Friday, December 13, 2013

The Week In Tweets: Special Not-The-Entire-Week Edition


On this date in l769, Dartmouth College received its charter! I know there's nothing funny about that. I just like saying ''69.''
Heh, heh.
Country superstar Taylor Swift turns 24 today!
True Fact: From the neck down she looks just like Justin Bieber.
Steve Buscemi and Jamie Foxx turn 56 and 46 today! I don't know about you, but I'm always getting those two guys mixed up.
Ben Bernanke turns 6O today! Isn't it amazing how some politicians begin their careers poor, and end it rich?
Conservative rocker Ted Nugent turns 65 today! Ted Nugent doesn't go hunting. Ted Nugent goes killing.
Happy birthday to Dick Van Dyke 88, Christopher Plummer 84, and John Davidson 72! I'm not saying they're old...
...Hollywood is.
Former Secretary of State George Shultz turns 93 today! Have you ever noticed how our country is run by old people?
That explains a lot.

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