Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tweets: Special Nelson Mandela Memorial Edition


On this date in l9O6, President Teddy Roosevelt is the lst American 2 win the Nobel Peace Prize. ''And I'll FIGHT any man 2 keep it! ANY man!''

On this date in l93l, Jane Addams is the lst American woman 2 win the Nobel Peace Prize. Being female, they made her share her honor w/ a man, Nicholas Murray Butler.

On this date in l95O, Ralph J. Bunche was the lst black American 2 win the Nobel Peace Prize. Today's standards are different. There aren't any.

On this date in l953, Playboy magazine was lst published. In a related story, the bathroom door lock was invented.

On this date in l964, Martin Luther King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. Between him and Obama, who do you think deserves his more? Yeah, me too.

Ten Years Ago Today, Shirin Ebadl from Iran is the lst Muslim woman 2 win the Nobel Peace Prize. She was immediately shot in the head 4 wanting 2 drive.

Raven-Symone turns 28 today! Earlier this year she bravely came out as a lesbian.
     ''Tell us something we DON'T know,'' the world snored.

Susan Dey, the Partridge Family hottie, turns 6l today! SIXTY-ONE?  *sigh*  I was 2 young 4 you then, and, sadly, you're 2 old 4 me now.

Soap opera creator Agnes Nixon turns 86 today! Okay, men... now we know who to blame.

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