Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear John (8-2-13)

Hard Core Advise From
Hard Core’s Hardest Core… John Leslie

Dear John,
                I feel betrayed by my husband, and he doesn’t seem to see the problem.
“Victor” and I have been married for over 40 years. He’s always had a wandering eye, and a problem being faithful. For whatever reason, I was never enough for him. He has no idea how much he has hurt me over the years. I put up with a lot, but now he has started watching pornography when he thinks I’m asleep.
I know he’s masturbating, but if I ask whether he wants to have sex with me, he always says “no.”  I feel as if he’s cheating on me in my own bed. I’ve tried talking to “Victor” about it, but he makes me think I’m the one with the problem.
What do you think I should do?

Dear Betrayed,
Sorry, but I was out all night and can’t seem to focus. Say again?

Dear John,
                My husband and I have been happily married for 15 years and recently decided to try an open-marriage lifestyle. We are doing this with full honesty and respect for each other.
                The main problem is that the dating success is not equal. I found it easier to get a date, whereas my husband is having tremendous difficulty. He has online dating profiles, but no luck. I am seeing someone who is a wonderful person, but I want my husband to experience new things along with me.
                Open marriage is still considered taboo, and it is extremely important to my husband and me that we are honest about our marital status with any prospective date. Even though he is happy for me, I feel compelled to help him, but I don’t know how to do it without overstepping unspoken boundaries.

Dear Bothered,
                Man… I can barely keep my eyes open.

Dear John,
                I will be graduating from high school in less than a month. I’m a very good student and have been given a free ride to Yale University. I will be leaving in September.
                But I feel very disappointed that I was not selected as the valedictorian of my graduating class. Ever since I entered high school, I have taken college prep classes. They include calculus, trigonometry, advanced Chemistry, and Mandarin Chinese I, II, and III, just to name a few. I have received all A’s, except for one little C+ in roller-skate dancing.
                The boy who is our valedictorian received A’s in all of his high school classes, but he didn’t take any college prep courses. His courses were less strenuous.
                I will give him credit for getting all A’s, but he didn’t take any classes that had the level of degree of difficulty, like I did.
                My parents went to see the principal, who agreed that I took the more difficult course load, but said that rules were rules, and the rule for our school states that the senior with the highest grade average would be the valedictorian.
                I feel like I was robbed of a very special honor.
                What do you think?

Dear Cheated,

Confidential To Still Waiting
American Chimpanzee

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