Friday, October 18, 2013

The Horror of President Obama

P is for Psycho
     Don't let Norman get too chummy
R is for poor Ramses
     You know him as the Mummy
E is for the Evil
     In Dr. Jekyll's drink
S is for Lord Satan
     A Republican, I think
I is for the Invisible Man
     Who challenges your sight
D is for Count Dracula
     He'll love you at first bite
E is for Elm Street
     Where Freddy likes to play
N is for Nightfall
     The Wolfman's favorite time of day
T is for the Tortured Souls
     Burning sinfully in Hell
O is for the Opera
     Where the Phantom likes to dwell
B is for Bigfoot
     A wookie gave him birth
A is for space Aliens
     Who've come to conquer Earth
M is for the Monster
     Dr. Frankenstein's his pop
And A... well, A is for All the rest
     I'm so scared, I'd better stop

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