Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donald Trump's Other Favorite Pick-Up Lines

1) "My heart? I had that surgically removed years ago."
2) "Come with me outside so I can show you my tazer."
3) "What are you, a lesbian? You are? That's okay. My penis is so small it will be like you're making love to a woman anyway.
4) "One thing I would never do is force myself on somebody. That's what Rohypnol is for."
5) "You must be some kind of radiation, because I'm getting an abnormal growth in my pants."

6) "Me? No, I wouldn't hurt a fly. My bodyguards on the other hand..."
7) "But enough about me... Hey! Wake up!"
8) "You know, my mother never loved me."
9) "I hate women. You seem okay, though."
10) "You've heard of Clinton's Don't Ask/Don't Tell? Let me tell you about Donald Trump's Don't Ask/Don't Tell/And I Won't Have To Shoot You In The Head."
American Chimpanzee

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